Dr. Jason is the best. It’s hard to find a provider that is so amazing at what he does; in addition, to being so personable with great bedside manner. Despite how I may feeling walking into the office; I always leave feeling my best ready to conquer what the day has a head.

    Kayla W

    I have been a loyal patient to Jason Swinton since he began his practice in Rochester 9 years ago. I have always been a huge proponent of chiropractic care and at that time I incurred a serious back injury due to a fall. Jason worked on my back to correct the issues for over a year and a half to get me healthy again. I owe a debt of gratitude to him. I can walk pain free now and continue to see him every 2 weeks to keep my spine aligned. I also had surgery on my shoulder recently. Jason has been working on it to hasten the range of motion and my recovery. With time and his expertise, I will soon return to MLB as a relief pitcher, and continue to “shut-down” the Yankees lineup. Thank you Jason! ⚾️⚾️⚾️


    I have been gong to Dr. Swinton for 7 years and have had a wonderful chiropractic experience! I am a baker / cake decorator and Dr. J has helped me with my various aches and panes over the years to keep me moving . He has always fit me into his schedule and addresses my various aches and pains! He always has a smile on his face and cheery personality! I would and have recommended him to any one who has any kind of back pain!

    Karen M.

    Jason is awesome!

    Heather C

    Dr. Jay always inquires as to what is going on in my life as well as how I am physically. He tailors my treatment to what I feel is ailing me on this particular occasion.

    Mary G

    I cannot speak highly enough about the care, education and treatments provided by Jason Swinton, DC. He was informative, and the treatments were immediately effective.

    I went from not being able to walk, go up a stair, lift up my foot or get in and out of my car with out extreme pain. I was in bed for 3 straight days with ice to keep the area immobile to prevent the pain over the holiday weekend. It was amazing how after only 1 treatment I felt 85% better and by the 3rd treatment I had no pain, and an exercise plan to help prevent repeat injury in the future.

    Thank you for the excellent care and relief of pain in a short time!

    Pam W

    Dr. Swinton made me feel very comfortable being my first chiropractor visit and helped me tremendously with my back pain.


    Great service. Great at keeping me tuned up or fixing me up when I have an acute issue. I also appreciate that he thinks about health and body beyond just the chiropractic.

    Mike S

    Jason Swinton does an outstanding job providing excellent chiropractor care for my back and hips.

    Nick D

    I see Dr. Jay every four weeks to keep my back in check. I have been doing this for years now and wouldn't trust anyone else with my spine.

    Amy C

     He is nice, professional and wonderful when I have to bring my kids with me.

    Whitney W

    I walked out of this appointment with instant relief. I have never had such a great chiropractor. Jason is the best!

    Brittany C

    Jason was super attentive and immediately helpful.

    Jennifer R

    Dr. Swinton is my hero! He has helped relieve my sacrum pain which I suffered with for years before his adjustments. I also appreciate his flexible scheduling.

    Debra S

    Doctor Jay is amazing at what he does. I have had chronic back pain that comes and goes over the years and each time I leave the pain subsides tremendously. I always leave feeling much better. 

    Dave P

    My last visit was one of the best in terms of treatment; it was a targeted, thorough therapy. It's such an important investment in my health.

    Stepanie R

    He is very knowledgeable of his job and he care about the well being of his patients.

    Norm D

    Dr. Swinton provided a thorough explanation of my problem and treatment. He has been provided consistent, comprehensive care each visit. I appreciate his genuine concern.

    Dan C

    I have been going to Dr. Swiinton for almost 6 years on and off for back pain. He has always provided the best experience and is so nice and friendly. He always manages to fit me in his schedule if I am in pain or need a sooner appointment! I highly recommend him and his services

    Karen M

    Jason have been very helpful. I am beginning to feel relief with my back issues. Every step of the process has been thoroughly explained. I am very happy with the service and treatments which I have experienced so far.

    Richard L

    Excellent care and rapport.

    David R

    Pleased with the results, thus far.

    George W

    Dr. Swinton is dedicated to insure your health is his primary concern. He goes beyond my expectations of a doctor who truly cares about my wellbeing. I so appreciate him.

    Flo D

    Jason Swinton explains the procedures in language that is understood by the average person. He took the time to answer my questions, read my history and laid out a plan for treatment. I would recommend him to my friends and family in a heart beat.

    Barbara J

    Dr. Swinton is knowledgeable and thorough. I always feel better after a visit.

    Annette D


    Joann R

    Dr. Swinton listens well and is very caring.

    Christine S

    Jason is very knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough! He was immediately able to identify my issue and was able to bring some immediate relief. The entire staff is very professional and caring! Highly recommend.

    David M

    Very personal and helpful....

    Lori B

    Very knowledgeable, professional and proficient.

    Len C

    I think that Jason is very good and understands what he needs to do to get you feeling better

    Joe S

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